Still Sizzling!

Another strong performance by the Ladies’ teams last weekend (May 3rd).  The 2nd and 3rd teams both won 4-0 – the 1st put on a strong performance against Slough 1st but despite winning more games lost by 5 sets to 4.  In terms of individual performance Linda Parsley is top performer in the 1st team, Christina Bycroft is top performer in the 2nd team and  Janet Gozzard is top performer in the 3rd team with Wellington players occupying the top 7 positions in that division!  Unfortunately we had to postpone our first veterans’ match with the persistent rain last Thursday evening.

Well done everyone and special thanks to Simon for his hard work honing our on-court tactics and skills and to the long-suffering Mark Smith who copes in his usual calm manner with last-minute changes.

Pat    May 5th

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