Men’s Captain’s Blogs January 2012

MEN’S DOUBLES OPEN SESSION – Saturday Mornings 10.30 – 12.30

Thanks to Richard Bodkin, Tim Findlay, Iain Hartwell and Iain Taylor for coming down to the inaugural session held on Saturday 21st January.

It was great to see this support and we had some good tennis despite the gale blowing benches, kit bags and everything else all over the courts. We now want to set this session formally in the tennis weekly agenda and if today’s session was an indicator it should most definitely be the case for the future.

The next session will be held on Saturday 28th January where Courts 5,6 have been booked from 10.30 – 12.30

I’m unable to attend this next session but already committed to attending next week are Richard Bodkin and Iain Hartwell

Special welcome to Richard who came down to club last Tuesday night for the first time and played some really super tennis. Whilst Richard has mostly played squash at Wellington he is also keen to get back to playing tennis again and most definitely a new team player for us. Thanks Richard!

Everyone who attended this morning has also indicated willingness to play for the Men’s team which is fantastic and thanks to you all for this support.

Please remember this is an OPEN SESSION to Men’s players of all abilities.

If you are able to attend on the 28th please let either me, John or Liz know beforehand and we’ll add your name to the list.


We need to know pretty soon how many people are interested in playing Men’s matches over the summer which impacts the number of teams we enter based on the squad size.

We have had a lot of interest and enthusiastic support already over the last couple of weeks and we need everyone to respond on this please to get the complete picture. We also want to ensure that everyone who wants to play Matches has the chance and we’re getting very close to entering two teams but not at that stage yet.


Please could you contact me with your availability for this match.


Wellington v Bracknell VI – Sunday 15th January

Despite us putting out an experienced team which included Mike Rosen standing in for Andy Holley at short notice (thank you Mike!) Wellington lost by 3-1.

Having driven over to Bracknell Tennis Club in the morning sunshine we were confronted by frozen courts in shadow and special thanks to duty manager Mark at Wellington for enabling us to switch the fixture back to Wellington to get the game played in the sunshine.

Wellington put up a spirited fight but 2 of us carrying niggling injuries and our lack of recent match practice playing together in daylight clearly indicated areas we need to focus on.

As Men’s Captain the challenge ahead lies in player development, building a bigger squad and practice all of which we have plans to address.

Our next match is home to Twyford on the 5th February.

Please check club announcements for more news on Men’s development and doubles.


Men’s Captain’s Blog – 4th Jan 2012

Happy New Year to you all out there as we look back on 2011 and forward to the days getting longer and hopefully warmer.

Firstly it was great to see so many people turn up for the Christmas Competition. Was this motivated by the mulled wine and mince pies, the tennis or the desire to burn a few calories after Christmas?

So now as they say in football it’s back to league action with the next round of Winter League matches soon upon us. The first match is a tough away fixture at Bracknell on the 15th Jan and then a home game against Twyford at Wellington on the 5th Feb. It looks like we’ve got the teams sorted out for these matches and thanks to those of you who responded to my e:mail. I’ll be sending out information in the coming days.

There are also plans for a friendly match against Windsor probably in March.

For those members who are interested in playing for the Men’s team then please get in touch. As things stand right now we’ve 1 team running over the Winter and need to know if there’s enough interest to enter 2 teams in the summer?

We’ve been working on Men’s team development over the last couple of months and thanks to John Lovegrove for running these sessions on the Wednesday evenings. The feedback we’ve had from many of you is that committing to a Wednesday is however difficult (I’m in this category with business travel) and for this reason we’re looking to alternatives perhaps on a Saturday morning with the advantage of ‘daylight’. It’s still good to keep the Wednesday slot but probably to make this informal and ensure we can effectively communicate who is coming down.

It’s also very encouraging to have new players stepping forward and showing interest who don’t fall into the ‘Philosan’ category as quite clearly the future of our Men’s team lies in bringing the younger players along. For sure we will be seeing these new players representing the team in the coming months.

The University break over Christmas has also meant that there have been some very keen young players eager to make me run around and we’ve had several very good Men’s Doubles sessions. It’s really good as well that some of youngsters have offered to be available for Men’s matches when exams don’t get in the way.

That’s it for now back to the Day Job.