Men’s Captain’s Blogs August 2013

Winter league matches

We have entered 2 Men’s teams with me running the firsts and Mike Rosen the seconds. Matches will take place on Sunday mornings and the provisional dates I have been given are 6,27 October 17 November 8 December 11 January and 7, 23 March so please put the dates in the diary. As soon as I have the exact fixtures I’ll post these on the tennis website . Thanks also to those of you who have indicated a desire to play matches.

Men’s Doubles Tennis Ladder over the winter

From talking to many of you there’s an interest in running a Doubles ladder. If you want to be part please e:mail me back and I’ll get things moving. Suggestion is best of 3 sets and play whenever games can be fixed up. Ideally we’ll have even pairings so not play first team pairs in the ladder.

Communications in general

There’s an instant messaging smartphone application called WhatsApp which many of us are now using as a tennis group. This enables getting instant messages to a lot of people very quickly and has worked very well to date with subscribers growing. It means we can quickly broadcast if there’s a game going or other information.

If you want to be part of this please get WhatsApp for your phone (it was free or maybe now only a nominal amount) and then send an e:mail to as Nick is managing this group.

Wellington Health and Fitness Tennis Team Facebook Group

If you’ve a Facebook account then you might consider joining the group? If so please respond to this e:mail with your Facebook name/e:mail and we’ll add you in.

Clarification on Men’s sessions

There have been a group of us playing on Saturday morning’s from 10.00-12.30 and this is a session for anyone to join in on. This is where the messaging application and Facebook page is useful for advising people what’s going on.

There’s also been a group of us playing Men’s Doubles on a Thursday night around 8.00pm and also on an ad hoc basis on a Wednesday evening.

If you’re interested in playing mid-week evenings (weds or thurs) please let me know and we’ll look at building some structure to this.

Business travel and holidays have made setting anything up a challenge but with the advent of these new communications tools we ought to be able to get things going.


With Liz’s departure the club has come up with some proposals to offer coaching to the Men’s section and teams. Do you want it? What would you like to see? When would this be? What would be your expectations on cost? Please reply to me asap on this so I can consolidate our feelings.

Other news re: courts etc

The last information I had was that there is a possibility of re-furb on the hardcourts and repairs to the fencing taking place in October. I’m sure the College will want nice tennis courts alongside the new hockey pitch so am hopeful we’ll get a smart and proper job done. I’ve also put in a request for a permanent shelter near the courts to use in the event of rain etc. and this seems very reasonable for spectators as well.