Club Championship 2015

Please click below for the draw.  The attachments will be kept updated with results.  Format and rules are lower down the page.  Finals day will be Sunday 13th September – please keep this date free.

Ladies Doubles

Ladies singles

Mens Doubles

Mens singles

Mixed Doubles



Club Championship 2015 Format

1. Match Format
- Each match shall consist of three tiebreak sets (tiebreak introduced at 6 games all)
- If there is mutual consent, the third set may be played as a Championship tiebreak (first to ten points, have to win by two clear points: i.e. 10-8, 11-9 etc.)
-This competition works out as a knock out event. You will have a minimum of two matches as a plate draw will be in place.

2. Court Bookings and Equipment
- Players are responsible for contacting the opposing team/players to organize fixtures
- Players are responsible for booking their own courts
- Players must provide a minimum of three tennis balls for matches
- If a fixture is played on a court that has not been booked and the fixture is stopped before it is finished, the fixture must be booked again and continued from the same score.

3. Incomplete fixtures
- If a particular team can prove they have made a concerted effort to play a fixture and the opposing team has failed to comply, the match shall be awarded to the former team.

4. Results
- All results must be submitted to Simon Baker as soon as the match has been played.

5. General Conduct and rules
- Players will keep their own scores and call lines
- Lines must be called immediately with as little delay as possible
- In the event of a dispute, offer to replay the point
- In the event that both teams cannot remember the score, continue from the last known and agreed score
- In the event that a player does not know whether the ball was in or out, the point must be given to the team that hit the ball in question
- If play is interrupted, for example, a ball rolls across the court, the point must be replayed
- Three consecutive let cords when serving is the equivalent of a fault (i.e. if the server is on the first serve and hits three let cords in the same point, even if the ball lands in, the server now only has a second serve)
- At the end of the first round new pairs can be added into the league

6. Deadline
- Matches must be complete by September 12th ready for finals day on the 13th September.

7. Contacting the opposition
- Contact details will not be put up on the sheets
- Please ask reception or myself if you struggle to get in contact with the opposition.