What a Finish!

A great end to the Summer season – the 4th team finished top of their division with 15 out of 15 points, the 3rd team finished top of their division with 12 out of 15 points and the 1st and 2nd team finished 3rd and 4th in their division.  We could end up with 3 teams in the same division next year!

Special congratulations to Ati Collard who finished as the top player in her division (10 of the top 12 were Wellington players), and to Helen and Christina who were top scoring pair in their division, and Chris and Wendy who were top scoring pair in their division.

At our Annual Prize Giving we gave out trophies including those above plus top Veterans’ performer Helen Marengo and top overall performer Summer and Winter leagues was (again) Helen Marengo.  The ‘Most Valued Player’ award went to Siobhan Wood and ‘Most Promising Newcomer’ to Steph Diplock.  Special thanks to Helen who hosted on an unseasonably wet night and to Christina for her usual superb catering.  We were delighted that Ian Davis, Mark Smith and their wives were able to join us with Ian presenting the trophies; and for Simon, Wellington Head Coach, to join us (with his lovely girl friend who had just graduated – well done!) who has inspired us, cajoled us and made us the competitive bunch we now are.

We look forward to the Winter League when I am confident we will continue the outstanding performance that has come to be expected of Wellington Ladies players.


Pat Hartwell August 19th


The End is in Sight!

Overall the season is coming to a satisfactory conclusion with the 4ths steaming along at the head of their division, the 3rds being a respectable second in their division and the 1st and 2nd teams holding their own in their division.  We are all very smart in our new team shirts (many thanks Ian for organising them) and the Saturday morning coaching sessions are helping us all to be that much more competitive and full of guile.

We have been very lucky with the weather with no matches rained off (fingers crossed for July 4th) and just a couple rescheduled due to the opposition having problems getting a team for various reasons.  We have also played a couple of home matches away on the Saturday as Sunday proves difficult for some clubs – nothing if not adaptable and accommodating at Wellington!

Summer is Rollng on

As we reach the last couple of rounds of matches for the Summer League, Wellington are making a strong performance.  The 4th team are leading their division and the 3rds are snapping at the heels of their division leader.  The 1st and 2nd team are holding their own in the higher division so it’s looking good for the 3rd and 4th team to win promotion and the 1st and 2nd to hold their places.

At this rate we’ll have all 4 teams in the same division.  Looking forward now to our end-of-season party and prize giving event.

Thanks as ever to Simon for his coaching and Mark for organising and re-organising teas etc.

Pat Hartwell June 9th

A Great Start!

Well done to all the players – we won 3 out of 4 of the first round of matches (and the only reason it wasn’t 4 was because the 1sts played the 2nds!) and then 4 out of 4 in the second round.  Wellington Ladies also won their first Veterans’ match so it’s a really promising start to the Summer season.  Thanks Simon for your continued expert coaching – it really is paying off.  And thanks to Ian who organised a new set of shirts.

We are always happy to add more players to the squad – we can go for 5 teams!  Please feel free to come along on a Wednesday evening for informal practice or Saturday morning at 11 for match coaching if you are interested in playing in matches.

Pat Hartwell  13/05/15


A Mixed Bag

A  bit of a curate’s egg start to the 14/15 season.  We were optimistic as the mild Autumn weather was promising decent weather for upcoming matches.  Unfortunately the rain came and washed out a whole weekend’s worth of matches.  However, we’ve managed to play some matches and the 4 teams have acquitted ourselves pretty well. Wellington lost in the local derby to Crowthorne 1-3 while Wellington 2 narrowly lost to them in the next round on games.  Wellington 1 also lost on games to Maidenhead.  Wellington 2 beat Shinfield 1 and in the following round Wellington 3 beat Shinfield 2 3-1 on the same day that our mixed team comprehensively beat the Shinfield Mixed Team.  Wellington 3 lost 4-0 to Caversham but the final score didn’t reflect what close games they were – Caversham had the benefit of our one-time Vets’ captain Judith Sutherland (whatever happened to loyalty?).  Wellington 4 have won both of the matches played so far.

Roll on October

It’s not very often that I wish for October to come but we are now half-way between Summer and Winter Leagues and we are keen to take up the competition the new season will bring to our 4 teams.  So not wasting our many talents, we continue to hone our skills on Saturday mornings under the watchful eyes of Simon and John.  Between them they seem to have unleashed strong competitive streaks especially with Pep and Ati!

We had a fun competitive session one Wednesday evening when 12 of the regulars turned up and we worked in teams of 3.  It was very enjoyable (as well as keenly fought) with some challenging mini games.  We all look forward to more of these events.

Summer League finished off with great final results:  The 3rd Team won their division, the 2nd team were runners-up in their theirs.  We had some great individual performances as well with Dympna, Ingrid and Helen being top scorers who let few games go past them.  Our annual prize giving saw the awards going as follows: Veterans’ Cup Siobhan; Doubles Trophies Dympna & Ingrid; Summer League Cup Janet; and Top Performer Winter & Summer Helen.  As usual superb catering from Christina – and we wish her a speedy recovery from the operation on her wrist.

A special welcome to Steph who joins the squad with a murderous forehand!  Interested players are always welcome to turn up on a Saturday at 10am for coaching or a Wednesday evening at 6.30 for match practice (this is marked as Men’s match practice but it’s a misnomer)

Pat September 3rd

3 out of 4 ain’t bad!

Congratulations to the Vets’ team with a convincing 4-0 victory last week.  Special congratulations to the 1st Team who, after a couple of very tough matches triumphed 3 rubbers to 1 against Peppard (well worth the long trip).  The 3rd team also had a longish trip to Purley (on Thames not Surrey) and completed a hat trick of 4-0 wins so far this season.  A disappointed 2nd team who hadn’t lost this season went down 4-0 to Wokingham in a ‘local derby’ . Not surprising that Wokingham, having been beaten by our 1st and 2nd teams in the Winter League, were determined to avenge their defeats and turned out a very strong team.  Great match all round though with each rubber going to 3 sets and many long rallies so our team doesn’t need to feel that they let the Wellington name down in any way at all.

And just to show how committed Wellington Lady players are, I have to mention in despatches Siobhan Wood who despite suffering a migraine carried on playing in the match against Slough and Ati Collard who developed an incapacitating cramp, which meant she could hardly walk let alone run during the 2nd rubber at Purley, but still played on to secure our 4-0 win.   Thank you ladies.

Current Star Performers:

1st team Best League Performers Dympna McCarthy and Ingrid White who are at 7 & 8

2nd Team Best League Performers Christina Bycroft, Helen Marengo & Dympna McCarthy all in the top 10

3d Team  Best League Performers #1 Janet Gozzard #2 Helen Marengo #3 Pat Hartwell #4 Ati Collard #5 Linda Parlsey #6 Christina Bycroft #9 Maz New #10 Gill Locke nearly a clean sweep of the Top 10 places

Thanks as ever to Simon for his excellent coaching





Still Sizzling!

Another strong performance by the Ladies’ teams last weekend (May 3rd).  The 2nd and 3rd teams both won 4-0 – the 1st put on a strong performance against Slough 1st but despite winning more games lost by 5 sets to 4.  In terms of individual performance Linda Parsley is top performer in the 1st team, Christina Bycroft is top performer in the 2nd team and  Janet Gozzard is top performer in the 3rd team with Wellington players occupying the top 7 positions in that division!  Unfortunately we had to postpone our first veterans’ match with the persistent rain last Thursday evening.

Well done everyone and special thanks to Simon for his hard work honing our on-court tactics and skills and to the long-suffering Mark Smith who copes in his usual calm manner with last-minute changes.

Pat    May 5th

A Stunning Start to the Summer

Not to let our successes of the Winter languish, Wellington Ladies set out their stall for the Summer with two excellent wins.  Wellington 3 beat Wokingham 4-0 (8 sets -0; 49 games – 13) and Wellington 2 beat Winkfield 4-0 (8 sets – 0; 49 games – 15).  Unfortunately the 1st team, who had won promotion to a higher division last Summer League, lost to Wargrave but put up a valiant fight.  With our 1st and 2nd teams having beaten Wargrave in the Winter League (they were both in the same league), I suspect that Wargrave pulled out all the stops to avoid another loss!

Sadly through an administrative error, we have not been able to add a 4th team for the Summer so there will be players who only get to play in one or two matches,  however, we do have a team in the Veteran’s League and I will endeavour to enter four teams in the coming Winter League. Thank you to all the players who turn out for coaching and practices – I hope to see you at the tournament/social on May 10th.



Ladies Captain’s End of Season Blog

Well done to all the players who have turned out for the matches this Winter League.  It was our first try at putting out 3 teams and it has been a tremendous success – the support from all the players, from the Club and from our coaches John and Simon have ensured an ever improving squad. 

Special congratulations to Stars Dympna  McCathy, who was top Wellington performer in Division 7, and Helen Marengo who was top Wellington performer in Division 9.

Wellington 1 won 5 out of their 7 matches and have finshed 2nd in their league.

Wellington 2 have won 3 out of their 6 matches with 1 blown and rained off match left to play and will  finish in 3rd or 4th place depending on their performance and other outstanding matches.

Wellington 3 have won 4 out of their 6 matches and are 2nd in their league.

Roll on the Summer League when we have 4 teams entered.

Pat Hartwell