What a Finish!

A great end to the Summer season – the 4th team finished top of their division with 15 out of 15 points, the 3rd team finished top of their division with 12 out of 15 points and the 1st and 2nd team finished 3rd and 4th in their division.  We could end up with 3 teams in the same division next year!

Special congratulations to Ati Collard who finished as the top player in her division (10 of the top 12 were Wellington players), and to Helen and Christina who were top scoring pair in their division, and Chris and Wendy who were top scoring pair in their division.

At our Annual Prize Giving we gave out trophies including those above plus top Veterans’ performer Helen Marengo and top overall performer Summer and Winter leagues was (again) Helen Marengo.  The ‘Most Valued Player’ award went to Siobhan Wood and ‘Most Promising Newcomer’ to Steph Diplock.  Special thanks to Helen who hosted on an unseasonably wet night and to Christina for her usual superb catering.  We were delighted that Ian Davis, Mark Smith and their wives were able to join us with Ian presenting the trophies; and for Simon, Wellington Head Coach, to join us (with his lovely girl friend who had just graduated – well done!) who has inspired us, cajoled us and made us the competitive bunch we now are.

We look forward to the Winter League when I am confident we will continue the outstanding performance that has come to be expected of Wellington Ladies players.


Pat Hartwell August 19th


The End is in Sight!

Overall the season is coming to a satisfactory conclusion with the 4ths steaming along at the head of their division, the 3rds being a respectable second in their division and the 1st and 2nd teams holding their own in their division.  We are all very smart in our new team shirts (many thanks Ian for organising them) and the Saturday morning coaching sessions are helping us all to be that much more competitive and full of guile.

We have been very lucky with the weather with no matches rained off (fingers crossed for July 4th) and just a couple rescheduled due to the opposition having problems getting a team for various reasons.  We have also played a couple of home matches away on the Saturday as Sunday proves difficult for some clubs – nothing if not adaptable and accommodating at Wellington!

Ladies Captain’s End of Season Blog

Well done to all the players who have turned out for the matches this Winter League.  It was our first try at putting out 3 teams and it has been a tremendous success – the support from all the players, from the Club and from our coaches John and Simon have ensured an ever improving squad. 

Special congratulations to Stars Dympna  McCathy, who was top Wellington performer in Division 7, and Helen Marengo who was top Wellington performer in Division 9.

Wellington 1 won 5 out of their 7 matches and have finshed 2nd in their league.

Wellington 2 have won 3 out of their 6 matches with 1 blown and rained off match left to play and will  finish in 3rd or 4th place depending on their performance and other outstanding matches.

Wellington 3 have won 4 out of their 6 matches and are 2nd in their league.

Roll on the Summer League when we have 4 teams entered.

Pat Hartwell

Men’s Captain’s Blogs

Captain’s Blog 4/2/14

Well done the Men’s teams with two good wins over the last weekend.

The first team Richard Bodkin (acting Captain), Paul Gozzard, Iain Hartwell and Jim Khan secured a convincing 3:1 home win against Shinfield 1 and justly deserved from all the hard work put in at practice on Saturday’s and showing the value of regularly playing together and established pairings.

The second team Will McDonald (acting Captain), John Lovegrove, Tom McIvor and Nick Proffitt secured a great winning draw away to league leaders Wargrave 4 and it was really good that we were able to field such a strong team and come away with the points.

With Cardiff beating Norwich and Wales beating Italy it was good to see all the teams I support in winning ways over the weekend and long may this continue.

Special thanks also again to Mike Rosen for helping me with organisation whilst I’m recovering from injury.

Don’t forget Men’s Doubles this Saturday morning at Wellington!

Ladies’ Captain’s Blog

A Promising Start

Wellington Ladies made a confident start to the second half of the season with the 3rd team scoring a 4-0 victory over Shinfield (that means I’m not a jinx after all!) and the 1st team beating Slough on games (despite Mekaya Gittens playing for them) and the 2nds having a close loss against BCS who had beefed up their team after being beaten by our 1st team just before Christmas.

We have entered 4 teams in the Summer League so if anyone has a hidden aspiration to play team tennis, I’d love to hear from you. “No experience necessary” just wanting to have a run around in the fresh air and enjoy social games with like-minded people is all the qualification you need.

Just a reminder that Club Morning is Wednesday 10-11.30; Match Practice Wednesday evenings from 6.30 and Match Coaching/practice on Saturdays from 10.00am.

Pat Hartwell
wellingtonladiestennis@outlook.com 01 252 875 961
January 21st 2014

New Year’s Blog 2014 – Ladies’ Teams Report

Wellington Ladies Tennis Teams A great finish to the first half of our Winter League with all three teams playing on the same day and winning! I should work out of the country more often when matches are on. Many thanks to all the enthusiastic players for turning out for matches and for the match practice sessions – despite some cold and windy weather. Thanks as well to all the players who have been captains, diligently recording scores and collecting match fees. Wellington 1 are currently 3rd and Wellington 2 4th in their division of 8 teams. Wellington 3 are currently 4th out of their division of 7 but did have a major setback against Yattendon who haven’t lost even a set this season so far and are fielding an ex-Wimbledon player. Since this was the 3rd team’s opening game, they began with a minus position but are coming up fast on the rails!!

Match Practice is now at 10am on Saturdays with Young (and handsome) Simon and new squad members are always welcome – then we can have 4 teams in the Summer League! We play for the social side, good teas and exercise outdoors – winning is a little bonus.

I can’t finish without a big thanks to two important men (yes, they can be useful for other things besides opening tight jar lids). Thank you Big John for the coaching on Saturday mornings – we all feel we have sharpened up our tactics and thinking. I know that Simon realises he has much to live up to! Finally thanks to Mark who has coped with date changes/time changes, cancellations and even one non-tea delivery in his usual calm and efficient manner.

I look forward to a dry second half of the season convinced that all this wet stuff coming down now is Mother Nature’s way of getting it all over and done with before weekends.

Silverware for the Wellington Ladies 1st team

At the Berkshire AGM the ladies 1st team gained recognition for winning Division 6A of the Berkshire Summer Leagues.

The team started well with three good wins and two points for a winning draw but had a nail-biting wait until the last week of the season to gain the extra two points to top the division. Well done to players Valerie Stephens and Siobhan Wood (our nominated pair), Pep Brinkworth, Sue Griggs, Ingrid White, Linda Parsley and Dympna McCarthy.

This winter the 2nd team, after gaining promotion, have started the season well with two three point wins in the first two matches to consolidate their position in Division 8. Players so far are:- Pat Hartwell, Denise Ware, Janet Gozzard, Christina Bycroft, Helen Marengo and Ati Collard. Well done to these ladies and all the other members of the team, we are very lucky to have a good squad of players to call upon. Anyone wishing to join us please contact our Captain Pat Hartwell.

A Flying Start to the New Season

Inspired by the 1st Team winning their division in the Summer League, the 2nd team came storming out with a 3-1 win against Slough winning more than twice as many games as their opponents. The 1st team had tough opponents – Phyllis Court – for their opening match and were robbed of a draw by losing the tie break. The continuing improvement shows that our Saturday morning coaching sessions with Liz are really paying off.

Don’t forget-

  • if you want to attend Saturday mornings, you need to book in at reception
  • Wednesday match practice is at 6.30 – just turn up
  • If you aren’t on the players’ list and would like to play in matches, please contact me at Wellingtonladiestennis@outlook.com or pHacidtest@hotmail.com 01 252 875 961

Next Matches November 3rd:
1st Team away to Wokingham 12.30
2nd Team home to Twyford 9.30

More Success for Ladies’ Tennis at Wellington.

After two disappointing narrow losses in the Aegon match and for the 2nd team in their first match of the Summer League, the ladies have come back with style. The First Team soundly beat Crowthorne, the Second Team had a resounding victory against Bracknell and the first Veterans’ match of the season saw another solid win against a Bracknell team.

I am coming round to thinking that having been away with work and then having show commitments on some weekends has resulted in my being a non-playing captain so far and is obviously the best strategy!

Well done to Julie Linwood and Pep Brinkworth who have led the teams so successfully and thanks again to Liz for her coaching.

Next Matches:
Aegon: Sunday May 13th at Ascot
Veterans: Wednesday May 16th at Wargrave
Summer League: Saturday May 19th Firsts away to Slough, Seconds home to Westmorland

Update Newsflash

1st Team are now 5th in their league!

I missed team coaching on Saturday 11th March because I was at Crufts – more Wellington Winning Ways – the Wookie won his class.

There is no stopping any of us in any way!!!!!

Men’s Captain’s Blogs January 2014

Firstly a Happy New Year to all, with clear blue skies at Wellington this morning which has put a smile on a few faces and mine for sure.

We’re right in the middle of the winter league with the 1st team away tomorrow at Wargrave and the 2nd’s somewhat frustrated with the late cancellation from Purley 2 would couldn’t raise a team.

Many of you will have heard of my injury which happened during the 2nd rubber of our home match with Crowthorne late October when I tore a ligament in my left wrist whilst hitting an angled backhand volley. This has required complex surgery and means I’ll be side-lined for a while whilst hopefully recovering but no sport on the horizon which is somewhat frustrating.

A big ‘Thank You’ to Mike Rosen who has helped with team admin and also Richard Bodkin who has taken over Captain’s duties during matches whilst I’m unable to play.

Lots of positives with Men’s tennis at Wellington and in particular the drive and enthusiasm shown by new recruits to both the 1st and 2nd teams. We’re now getting good attendance on Saturday mornings and plans to really build on the progress we’ve made to date and engage with the coaching team under Simon.

We had a good session this morning and it was great to see how Iain Hartwell and Jim Khan are gelling together as the second pair in the first team. Paul Gozzard will be partnering Richard as first pair and we wish all four good luck for the away match at Wargrave tomorrow morning.

Wellington Men's tennis team Jan 2014 Wellington Men's tennis team Jan 2014
Team practice at Wellington on Saturday 11th January.

Remember the Saturday morning session from 10.00 until lunchtime and all Men welcome and hopefully see you next week.

And finally special thanks to Mike this morning as I hit a few balls very carefully with my right hand!

Men’s Captain’s Blogs August 2013

Winter league matches

We have entered 2 Men’s teams with me running the firsts and Mike Rosen the seconds. Matches will take place on Sunday mornings and the provisional dates I have been given are 6,27 October 17 November 8 December 11 January and 7, 23 March so please put the dates in the diary. As soon as I have the exact fixtures I’ll post these on the tennis website http://www.wellingtontennis.co.uk/ . Thanks also to those of you who have indicated a desire to play matches.

Men’s Doubles Tennis Ladder over the winter

From talking to many of you there’s an interest in running a Doubles ladder. If you want to be part please e:mail me back and I’ll get things moving. Suggestion is best of 3 sets and play whenever games can be fixed up. Ideally we’ll have even pairings so not play first team pairs in the ladder.

Communications in general

There’s an instant messaging smartphone application called WhatsApp which many of us are now using as a tennis group. This enables getting instant messages to a lot of people very quickly and has worked very well to date with subscribers growing. It means we can quickly broadcast if there’s a game going or other information.

If you want to be part of this please get WhatsApp for your phone (it was free or maybe now only a nominal amount) and then send an e:mail to nik_proffitt_is@hotmail.com as Nick is managing this group.

Wellington Health and Fitness Tennis Team Facebook Group

If you’ve a Facebook account then you might consider joining the group? If so please respond to this e:mail with your Facebook name/e:mail and we’ll add you in.

Clarification on Men’s sessions

There have been a group of us playing on Saturday morning’s from 10.00-12.30 and this is a session for anyone to join in on. This is where the messaging application and Facebook page is useful for advising people what’s going on.

There’s also been a group of us playing Men’s Doubles on a Thursday night around 8.00pm and also on an ad hoc basis on a Wednesday evening.

If you’re interested in playing mid-week evenings (weds or thurs) please let me know and we’ll look at building some structure to this.

Business travel and holidays have made setting anything up a challenge but with the advent of these new communications tools we ought to be able to get things going.


With Liz’s departure the club has come up with some proposals to offer coaching to the Men’s section and teams. Do you want it? What would you like to see? When would this be? What would be your expectations on cost? Please reply to me asap on this so I can consolidate our feelings.

Other news re: courts etc

The last information I had was that there is a possibility of re-furb on the hardcourts and repairs to the fencing taking place in October. I’m sure the College will want nice tennis courts alongside the new hockey pitch so am hopeful we’ll get a smart and proper job done. I’ve also put in a request for a permanent shelter near the courts to use in the event of rain etc. and this seems very reasonable for spectators as well.

Men’s Captain’s Blogs March 2013

Captain’s Blog 10/3/2013

Match Report V Westmorland Park Sunday 10/3

Mens tennis team - Wellington Health & fitness club
All smiles as the boys came out on top against Westmorland Park (l to r, Iain Hartwell, Tom McIvor, Paul Stephens and Richard Bodkin)

One of the toughest, gutsiest, aggressive and most passionate battles I can remember for many a time saw Wellington secure a winning draw against our bogey team Westmorland Park by 6 sets to 5 on a chilly windy Sunday at Wellington.

It’s an absolute privilege and a pleasure playing in the Men’s team with such a committed group of players and we dug deep today to secure 2 precious league points which puts us in Joint No.1 position in the Winter League.

The game saw 6 tie breaks in the 4 rubbers, 3 championsip tie breaks deciding 3 of the rubbers and the match lasting over 3.5 hours so you can see how close it was.

We were also playing pairings who have never played together before in the league so especially pleasing.

Richard and Tom played No.1 pairing and narrowly lost to their No.1 pair but comfortably beat their No.1.

Paul and Iain (two left handers) played No.2 pair and won their first rubber on a championship tie break and narrowly lost against the No.1 pair again on a championship tie break.

A lot of tennis and a real battle which sets things up for the final match against Wargrave away on the 7th April.

Well done team, fantastic effort!

Captain’s Blog 3/3/2013

Lots of information this week on Winter and Summer league matches and other Men’s tennis.

It is now getting down to the business end of the season and a 3 rubbers to 1 home win against RSF3 has seen Wellington move up to 2nd in the league behind Westmorland Park and just ahead of Magnet. The current league table is showing incorrectly as Magnet had a losing draw today at Royal Ascot and should be on 9 points not 10 as shown currently (see below) and http://lta.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/draw.aspx?id=EDBB59F4-E289-400E-80B9-20BB7A71DF53&draw=7 for all the results.

Great performance again from Richard and Nick to win their 2 rubbers today. Tom and Paul won their first rubber comfortably but lost the second against a good RSF first pairing who it looks were playing down from their 2nd team.

Wellington are playing Westmorland Park at home on the 10/10 in a fixture which could ultimately decide the league as our remaining fixture after that is against Wargrave. We’ll also know more after they enter their result from their match against Sonning today.

Summer League 2013 Men’s fixtures

We’ve now got details of our Summer matches which start on the 20th April and can be found at http://lta.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/drawmatches.aspx?id=F5A4DCBE-C9C6-41E1-84E0-9C41ABD72C03&draw=32

Men’s Practice and Open Sessions

As the days are now drawing out and hopefully getting warmer we are re-visiting a midweek Wednesday evening session for the Men’s teams. Please e:mail Paul if you’re interested.

The Men’s Saturday morning session is also running well and remember open to all. Again please e:mail Paul if you’re interested in joining in.

Men’s Captain’s Blogs February 2013

Well it’s been a long winter in more ways than one with the Saturday sessions and Men’s Winter League matches postponed on several occasions due to bad weather.

I’m pleased to say however that the Men’s team finally got round to playing the match originally scheduled for the 7th October away at Magnet, Maidenhead over the weekend and enjoyed another winning draw by 39 games to 31.

Mens tennis team, Wellington Health & fitness club
All smiles from Paul, Tom, Richard and Nick after the match at Magnet on Sunday 17/2/13

Richard Bodkin and Nick Proffitt played 1st pair and enjoyed a ‘Double Bagel’ over Magnet’s 2nd pair! Paul Stephens and Tom McIvor played 2nd pair and won one rubber and lost one. It was good to finally get a game in glorious sunshine although those who have played at Magnet will know that it is perhaps one of the more interesting places to play due to its location in the centre of Maidenhead next to a skate board park!

We’ve now played 4 of our 7 fixtures for the Winter League and have 2 home games against Westmorland Park and RSF and 1 away game at Wargrave.

If you want to check league position and results please click the link http://lta.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/draw.aspx?id=EDBB59F4-E289-400E-80B9-20BB7A71DF53&draw=7

We’re also planning to get the Saturday morning sessions up and running again starting this Saturday at 10.30am. Once the clocks change we will also re-visit the Wednesday evening Match practice session.

Thanks to all those who’ve supported tennis over the Winter months and made themselves available for the team.

Also best wishes to Paul Gozzard for a speedy recovery following his hip replacement and we look forward to seeing Paul down soon and congratulations to Richard Bodkin following his marriage to Gina in South Africa over Christmas.

That’s it for now and looking forward to more tennis as the weather hopefully improves and the days get longer.

Match report v Slough home 18/11.

Thanks to Richard Bodkin for taking over Captain’s duties for the home match on the 18th November v Slough whilst your truly was catching some November sunshine in Grenada. It was a very close match with Wellington gaining a winning draw on games by 41-39. Thanks also to other members of the team on the day Nick Profitt, Tom McIvor and Iain Hartwell.

Wellington are currently sitting 3rd in the league on 4 points http://lta.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/draw.aspx?id=EDBB59F4-E289-400E-80B9-20BB7A71DF53&draw=7 so all to play for as they say!

Next scheduled match is away to Sonning on the 9/12.

Men’s Captain’s Blogs October 2012

Berkshire Men’s Winter League

A good start to the Winter season as the Men’s team (Richard Bodkin, Tom Mcivor, Nick Profitt and Paul Stephens) enjoyed a winning draw in the first played match away to Royal Ascot on Sunday 28th October.

Special thanks to Nick and Tom who again have supported the cause coming home from Southampton University for the Men’s team. It was a tight match against a good Ascot team with their number one pair winning their 2 rubbers and us winning both rubbers against their number two pair and us gaining an overall win on games by 41-34.

Check out the table and results at http://lta.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/draw.aspx?id=EDBB59F4-E289-400E-80B9-20BB7A71DF53&draw=7

Our next match is home against Slough 2 on Sunday 18th November.

Saturday morning Men’s tennis

There are now a core group of players who are coming down every Saturday morning at 10.30am for Men’s Doubles. The aim of this session is to have a good hard game and in so doing hopefully develop potential new players for the Men’s team in the future. If we can really get this group going then we hope we can develop a larger squad for possibly running a 2nd team in the summer.

Regulars coming down include John Bycroft, Paul Gozzard, Iain Hartwell, Rick Marengo, Paul Stephens and Iain Taylor. Special recognition to John Bycroft who really has developed his game from these sessions and also to Iain Hartwell who will be playing his first game for the Men’s team in November. Good fun and good banter!

We welcome new players coming along and the idea is to get people mixing in, especially if there are odd numbers so everyone gets a game. We aim to start at ~10.30am and finish ~12.30-13.00 adjourning to the bar afterwards.

Midweek tennis and match practice

Several people have asked about Men’s sessions during the week. We have in the past had Wednesday night match practice but this was proving difficult with uncertainty as to who was coming down and the best times. I am happy to re-visit this subject if people are interested so please send an e:mail to paulmstephens@gmail.com with your thoughts on this or any other ideas you might have.

Men’s Bike Ride

Special thanks to Rick for organising our first bike ride a few weeks back from Wellington down to the Blackwater Valley. This was all in the interest of developing stamina in the legs as well as testing our drinking skills at the pub. We will for sure be organising more of the same.