A Mixed Bag

A  bit of a curate’s egg start to the 14/15 season.  We were optimistic as the mild Autumn weather was promising decent weather for upcoming matches.  Unfortunately the rain came and washed out a whole weekend’s worth of matches.  However, we’ve managed to play some matches and the 4 teams have acquitted ourselves pretty well. Wellington lost in the local derby to Crowthorne 1-3 while Wellington 2 narrowly lost to them in the next round on games.  Wellington 1 also lost on games to Maidenhead.  Wellington 2 beat Shinfield 1 and in the following round Wellington 3 beat Shinfield 2 3-1 on the same day that our mixed team comprehensively beat the Shinfield Mixed Team.  Wellington 3 lost 4-0 to Caversham but the final score didn’t reflect what close games they were – Caversham had the benefit of our one-time Vets’ captain Judith Sutherland (whatever happened to loyalty?).  Wellington 4 have won both of the matches played so far.

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